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Welcome to the God of Masonry & Fire!

Metallic Resin Epoxy is Art brought to you from a portrait to your living space. As a company our objective is to add value and uniqueness to you home. 


RrResidential & Commercial
Decorative Floor Coating Company

Services Provided:

* Metallic Flooring Epoxy

* Concrete Polishing

* Concrete Acid Stain

* Concrete Dye Stain

* Concrete Resurfacing

* Concrete Correction

* Custom Countertop Design

* Venetian Plaster

Our Installation process:


1. Testing the Concrete- testing the pH and moister levels is important to us, we want our service to be long lasting and add value to your home.


2. Prep the Surface- The most Important step is something we take pride in, etching the concrete to open the pores and create a bond.

3. Apply VP or/and Primer- BaseCoat will help protect the floor from any impurities found inside the concrete as well as giving it a longer lasting better looking effect. 

4. Applying Epoxy or Polyaspartic- We use high quality grade products because we believe our customer deserves the best. They are meant to be high temperature resistant and UV resistant. 

5. TopCoat: Our Polyurethane coat will enhance and protect your floors for years to come. 

About Us

Metallic Resin Epoxy 

We are a Residential and Commercial Concrete Coating company. We specialize in Metallic Epoxy and Concrete Polishing floors. From garages, Interior living spaces and patios, we have you covered. Our Concrete flooring system ranges from metallic custom designs, solid flooring, flake blends, and more. Professionally measured and tested floors we guarantee our work. Not all concrete is created equal, neither should your living space. Our professionals will custom create a flooring plan unique to your taste. Our professionals will provide you with installation options designed to cater to your budget. Our work is not the cheapest, we value our work, because  we do things right. Our professionals have extensive knowledge in flooring, construction, and Paint Industry. With decades of experience and we are here to serve you. 

Schedule a consultation today. 


Commercial Service Provided in:




New Mexico

Residential Service Provided in:

El Paso Texas

Baton Rouge Louisiana

New Orleans Louisiana

Our Services

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Opening Hours (Central time)

2100 George Dieter

PO Box 960634

El Paso Tx 79996

225-772-8435 Office

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 6:00 pm


10:00 am – 3:00 pm



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